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Our web design services are directed to the growing small business that wants to get its image into the ever growing Internet. By producing a clean and very well organized website we provide you yet another tool to make your business heard though all the other hype. We have several years experience in all aspects of web design and are well versed in tomorrow's scripting languages. These include HTML5, CSS, PHP, XML, XSL, JS Frameworks like Bootstrap and Isotope, etc. This ensures that your investment will not only work and look great today but will, as well, into the future.

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CCD Photography

CCD Photography in Carrollton, GA wanted a place to easily showcase work from their photo shoots and vacations. We made a very clean and well laid out design so as to not take away from the photography. The portfolio allows users to scroll through shoots, dynamically loading more as needed.

This website also includes a custom php backend that allows the website manager to easily update the photos displayed.

Bremen Marine

Bremen Marine in Bremen, GA had a very outdated website that was barely functional. We updated the look and built them a modern, easily updatable inventory system to showcase their current boats that are for sale.

This website utilizes HTML5, Bootstrap and Isotope JS Frameworks to create a website that looks great on both computers and mobile devices.

Little Vine Vineyards

Little Vine Vineyards And Winery in Villa Rica, GA wanted to update their website to have a cleaner more professional look that fit their business aesthetic. We built them a new website that showcases their great products and entertainment and that looks good on any computer or smartphone.

MJM Engineering Inc.

MJM Engineering in Cartersville, GA wanted an updated website that had a more personal look that could easily display their portfolio of work.

Along with a modern one-page layout and clean design this website contains a portfolio with popup modals that displays multiple images of work.

Discount City, Inc

Discount City, Inc in Cartersville, GA didn't have a website but wanted a place where their customers could easily browse all the furniture their manufactures carry. We guided them through the process of selecting a domain and setting up web hosting and then built them a clean and well organized website.

Acid Gaming Network

Acid Gaming Network in Douglasville, GA wanted a place where they could list all their friends that stream video games.

This website utilized a modern bootstrap template and custom PHP Twitch API calls to display content dynamically as users are online and streaming video games.

Do I need a Website?

If you are asking this question, in most cases, the answer will be yes. A website is another facet of marketing your business and adds to its overall appeal and image. The Internet is the great doorway to the world, and if your business is ready to meet it, then you are ready for a website. If you feel you're ready for a website, please take a moment to look over our sample portfolio from a few of our projects, then contact us and set up a meeting so that we can discuss the details and fees that will be associated with the creation and maintenance of your website. This will also give us a chance to get a general idea of the image you desire for your website.

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